Karen Howe
If you can’t handle challenge, you won’t grow, and if you don’t tackle challenge, you’ll stay exactly where you are
Emily Gowor
Emily Gowor
Book /Mastermind Coach, and very talented Author and friend.
Emily’s words resonated with me. 
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Wayne Dyer
Karen Howe
Me Three Years Ago
Karen Howe
Me Today

My story has stumped many, whilst many have been moved. I have always been impulsive, and lived a full life through my eyes, however quite often not on my terms, a little destructive. I lived in the shadow of others, didn’t believe in my self worth, stolen identity, who is Karen Howe the question is finally answered,  now I can live a life on purpose feeling fully supported. We are meant to thrive not just survive.  We are meant to evolve not stay the same which is the challenge for many.

I have worked for myself as a the go to HR expert for the last 10 years, and love helping people. I created an amazing opportunity where I could work from anywhere as that was how I wanted to position myself for the next 20 years.   Yes 20 years, I wont  be retiring anytime soon. What is retirement, retiring from something you love which doesn’t make sense at all. I have met ordinary people living extraordinary lives still well into their 80’s and I wanted that but still ensure I could do this on my terms and not make compromises, to stay true to myself whilst make a difference in the world.  Leave that legacy you could say.

Early 2017 my family were introduced to a international business called Nu Skin who play in the anti ageing space so I got to thinking this could work. Jeff (husband) background is in cosmetic compounding and supplements were already a part of our lives just weren’t discriminating or being selective.

As we are all living longer it was the perfect next phase in our lives. We wanted to make sure our health and well being was factored in for our family and our future. To look and feel youthful was quite appealing as I was getting older.  So we signed up and entered into an agreement to grow a business and help others depending on their concerns we could help  either the way they feel, their looks, and/or their finances by offering one more option.

This decision has played a big part boosting my self-confidence, bringing out the best in me, making me step up, and have a different relationship with women. You could say I feel a sense of balance, equality. I don’t fear women now, in fact I embrace and relate to a gender that was once my nemesis. 

Nu Skin is a gift to anyone that is looking for a real business opportunity that can be passed to future generations. The best compensation plan ever created supported by the best products and management team. Find out for yourself, research and test it, no one can be better to judge it than yourself after having all the facts.

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