Everyone is different, and no one else is me

All I wanted was to fit in.

I spent time comparing myself, seeking love and approval of others, I tried really hard and got very good at it, explored enough of it, and failed enough to find the one thing, I was still miserable!

No-one makes an impact by trying to fit in and follow the norm. It is breaking the mould that we discover there is no one else like us and that’s what makes us unique and itself is wonderful. 

Cherish all that makes you, you, and only you get to experience depth of meaning to your life. You will wonder what took you so long.

I am not exactly where I thought I’d be at this time in my life. Which is perfectly fine. Because, I know I am where I’m meant to be, and that I still have time to become all that I want to be whilst on this journey.

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