Career Coaching

The goal of our career coaching is to find the inner you and help you determine a new direction for your career.  Many people start their career strongly influenced by parents, teachers, and opportunities that become available.  However, is it really what you want to do?  Finding that inner fire that makes you excited to get up every morning is Karen Howe’s forte.  It is time you found a job you love so book a career coaching session that dives deep to determine what you are passionate about.  Get some Return on Your Investment – YOU – Customise your Future today.

Career Training

Getting into your first job is anything but easy—especially if you’re all on your own.


No one’s first job is perfect—yet it is the quintessential stepping stone for your career to take off. This is where you put your foot in the door. This is where you take off. This is where you start your journey.

Make no mistake—the first impression is often the last impression with HR professionals!


Your resume is the very first point of contact you have with a company you are applying for. It is the first brick in the wall. The first step of the ladder that will take you to your dream job. And according to HR professionals, the first factor that determines if you will be considered for a position or not.

You can have a great resume but unless you can sell it to the HR Manager, you won’t make it to the job interview!


It’s true! The cover letter acts as your elevator pitch. If the pitch is weak, the HR manager won’t be interested in the rest of your story.

The cover letter is the first frontier where you and the HR manager make contact. It communicates the essence of you to the company. It is imperative that it is on point and meaningful for them to consider spending their valuable time deep-diving into your resume.

A job interview is your first step in what might be a long and successful journey to a lucrative career. This is where things can go right—or horribly wrong.


Most people do not understand the tact behind getting through in an interview and getting their foot in the door.

After your cover letter or resume, this is your primary chance of making a lasting impression on the decision-maker. This is the first time you will be sitting face-to-face with someone. Your knowledge—as well as your communication skills—will be put to test here. You will only have a few minutes to an hour to showcase your value to the decision-makers. And for that, it is best if you didn’t go in unprepared.