Pillar 3 Coaching

What is your super power?  

Once you discover it you will be happy to stick your neck out for anything!  Seriously! That’s the fun part, as no matter what, nothing, or no one can impact me as greatly as my past has.  

It is very exciting to have had the experiences, the lessons and the teachers, and know that going down that rabbit hole to discover who I am was necessary to the success of my life, to remove the shackles, and the primitive way of thinking. 

Yes sounds harsh but true, freedom comes with working consciously with the sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, vulnerability, embarrassment, disappointment and frustration. To face those uncomfortable feelings is where it all begins rather than pushing them down that rabbit hole and denying yourself of the feeling.

I hid from the world for too  long so as not to be noticed, but being born a redhead with freckles and add to it a left handed soul born in the 60’s, then to have a child with multiple disABilities with no filters I was screwed really!!

It took me at least 50+ years to unravel the crap and address those uncomfortable feelings one by one as they presented. I decided not to ignore them anymore no matter the cost to me personally.

To know what I know now, I want to inspire others, and no doubt women, seeing I am one, to empower them to discover, and recover their true identity and own it without influence, through books, workshops and talks, allowing them to reconnect and live a life full of adventures.  Yes who’s ready?

My book ‘Reclaim Your Life’ gives so much insight to what I achieved to overcome the feeling of disempowerment in all areas of my life. Live your life and take back control and own it!! You are worth it.