People with a disAbility need their own sense of community. We are building that community! Through one-on-one interactions and building a new Fun Farm

Our son Dylan has provided me with an insight towards change in the world, creating a better place for all and to build strong communities. In my experience people with disabilities don’t have a disAbility, they have the ability to love which is an art form in itself.  Given the opportunity to learn NEW skills that motivate them they can achieve anything. The key here is going to be motivation.

I love enabling people & their families living with disAbility to fulfil their potential and to offer hope, opportunities, and unlimited possibilities.  That is why we have started working on opening a Fun Farm in the Redland Bay Area.  It will be a Fun Farm where people with a disAbility can go to have fun and socialise with people who accept and understand them.  

It will also be a community where care givers can socialise with other care givers.  Where an individual’s potential is developed through fun activities.

Cause to Applaud

This is our praise page for people with a disAbility.  We are creating a community for those with a disAbility  who needs encouraging and recognising for a job well done!

Community Projects

We get behind fundraising, and we believe giving back to the community. If you have a fundraiser and want to join our community please contact us for a chat.  If you want to list your community project here, please supply us with what and who you are looking to assist. We will help promote you for a nominal fee as it will be a fundraiser for our Fun Farm.