Karen and Dylan


Our son Dylan, born with a genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, since then developed and diagnosed with Autism, II and Non Verbal.

Dreams and aspirations you have for a child out the window. Education, friendships, relationships, job, socialisation, was something unimaginable and he required 24/7 care. My many assumptions, and many expectations were blown out of the water, and I have Dylan to thank for that. So, the journey began to discovery of who Karen Howe was so I could be there 100% for Dylan.

I knew there was more to life just like picking a sore, it won’t heal until addressed properly.  I needed to grieve for the child I felt I lost, and to see the gift in Dylan, the opportunity to discover myself on a much deeper level.  

What I did discover during this time is we do all have something in common we ultimately want to feel a sense of belonging and sense of purpose. Whether it is a partnership or a large community working together for the same cause, there will be long-lasting benefits because you are not relying on one person, or one group of people to implement and maintain change – it becomes a community effort, and shared mission that’s based on that community’s own priorities.

My mission as founder of Fun Farm was/is to be part of a global community, that we can collectively create positive change, where everyone feels welcome, that sense of belonging, and where everyone can have FUN – guaranteed.