Karen Howe offers a consultancy service in two key areas. 

Human Resources Consultant and also as a Human Transformation Coach

What does a Human Resource Consultant do?

HR consultants are generally called in to advise companies on a wide range of issues involving its workforce.

For example, new companies may use their services to establish company policies and procedures and therefore ensuring they are complying with legislation.

A Human Resource Consultant often acts as the Human Resource Manager for companies that do not have a HR Manager.  This means that they are often helping with staffing issues as they arise and therefore saves a business money from hiring a full time HR Manager.

There comes a time when you feel that they you need to transform yourself into a better version of you.

Do you make new years resolutions and never keep them?  Or enrol in a gym and never attend?

We look at some key areas on helping you to transform yourself and what is stopping you.


Do you have staff that need to feel good about themselves and therefore improve the company image?  Are you having issues with productivity because your staff could be lacking in energy.