Subject Matter Experts have created online human resource courses that they believe every business owner must know when employing staff.  The information in these courses are designed to prevent problems from arising. 

The courses have been designed for you the business owner that does not employ a full time human resource manager.  With these courses you will be able to do it for yourself, without employing a human resource consultant. Our purpose on writing these courses is to empower you.  Therefore, you the business owner, is not left wondering what you should have or could have done differently to avoid costly mistakes.

Payroll Essentials that Prevent Costly Mistakes

How would you feel if one payroll mistake cost you your business?  People often ask for our assistance after someone has reported them for not paying the correct wages.  For this reason we have created a course for people who are setting up payroll for the first time.  Remember, prevention is better than the cure!  If you have already set up and doing your payroll this course will highlight any points you may have missed.

How to Conduct Positive Inductions

There is a saying… “start with the end in mind”.  This is so true for inductions.  You want to set the right tone for your inductions and have all the right information before someone starts working for you.  This course covers what you need to do during inductions and has critical information you need to know when conducting staff inductions.

Creating Effective Position Descriptions

It is very hard for your staff to do their jobs effectively if they have no clear idea on what their job actually is.  When your staff clearly know what is expected of them then you will have higher productivity and consequently greater profitability.  This course teaches you how to write your effective position descriptions and includes a the receptionist template ready for you to brand.

How to Conduct Positive Successful Recruitment

Carpenters have a saying “measure twice, cut once”.  You don’t want to recruit someone that is going to disrupt your business.  Take the extra time to conduct positive, successful recruitment of staff and it will save problems later.

How Managers Conduct Performance Reviews

(the essential Human Resource Course)


Performance reviews of staff and managers is critical for every business.  Performance reviews can shape the direction of your business.  You have invested significant time and money into your staff, so take the time to effectively conduct a performance review.  Your staff want to know how well they are doing. You also want them to improve.  A performance review is more than saying ‘all good’.  There are specific areas your staff need to be reviewed on and this course steps you through the process.

Human Resources -people count

Ask Karen your burning questions in regards to HR, we have likely answered and dealt with them in our online human resource courses.  

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