Human Resource Services

Karen Howe is a Human Resource Consultant that can help you with all your HR issues. Karen has also developed online Human Resource Courses.

Human Resource Audit & Reporting Structure

If you have three or more staff, chances are you have staffing issues that could be solved with the help of a specialist.

You probably do not need, or want to pay for, that expertise on a permanent basis, however, having someone to professionally take care of your Human Resources needs, letting you concentrate on your business, has got to be appealing.  Karen can assist with her team of experienced HR consultants with over twenty years experience in senior level roles in a variety of industries.

Why do you need to employ a HR Manager when you can have a HR Manager on call.  Wouldn’t it be a relief for you to have the services of an experienced HR Manager (Generalist) on call, when you need them? Someone whose knowledge of your organisation and your staff is second only to your own?  

Resume Done For You

If you want someone to write your resume for you, it would make sense to have an experienced Human Resource Manager to create an effective resume, as they know what they want to see on your resume.


If you need a Human Resource Consultant you don’t want to be paying me for something I tell everyone.  Therefore the most common issues have been put into online training courses that will benefit you.  You should only be paying for a consultant when you need expert advice.

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