“Reclaim Your Life” Book (Hardcover)

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Autographed Hardcover book of ‘Reclaim Your Life’ by Karen Howe.

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Have you ever wondered if you are on the right path? Have you yearned for a more fulfilling life?

Written by Karen HoweReclaim Your LifeThe journey from wounded inner child to a free-spirited woman will inspire you to find your true self, your voice, and get more out of your life.

In the pages of this book, you will:

  • Learn about the different parts of your life and why they matter
  • Aspire to be yourself, without influence from others
  • Find new levels of self-love and meaning through daily habits
This book will support you to explore your passion and inspiration so you can live a life full of joy, happiness and adventures.

After spending years seeking approval from others and feeling lost without her own identity. Karen discovered writing and her innate gift for inspiring others to step into their power.

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4 reviews for “Reclaim Your Life” Book (Hardcover)

  1. Jeff Alan

    As the words from the editor, this is a well written book.

    • admin

      Thank you my love for your kind words, and allowing me to grow into the person I am today. X

  2. Helen Harrison

    There is nothing more powerful than learning from someone who has experienced adversity, learnt from it and then teachers’ others. Karen’s book is inspirational and motivating and she is a shining light for creating the life that you want and her book will support you to do the same.

    • admin

      Thanks Helen means a lot I told the story to help others that are feeling uncertain and not able to identify with themselves to make decisions for themselves without influence

  3. Elaine

    A moving, raw and honest account of Karen’s life. A must read for anyone facing adversity. Thank you Karen!

    • admin

      Hi Elaine, Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback on my book and nailing the impact it had.

  4. Charmaine Livingston

    A moving and motivational read into the life and rise from adversity of Karen Howe. Truely Inspirational beyond words here…
    This book is for everyone and especially if your experiencing challenge or fear in these uncertain times right now, this book is must read.. where Karen bares all, throws out that helping hand and shines a guiding light for you… for when you need it most.
    Thankyou Karen, your amazing

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