Training by Karen are courses that as an HR consultant I believe you the job seeker needs to know to stand out in the crowd and get you the career you want.  Courses include templates, training and advice on how to succeed!

Training by Karen on how to Create Your Future

This course is aimed at you, the school leaver.  You think you know it all and that it will be easy to get a job.  However, the job market is competitive and unless you are prepared you will have trouble getting work.  

If you don’t want to listen to your parents… then you should listen to a HR consultant with extensive experience.  This course is everything you need to know on getting a job. By doing this course you can then have the career you want!

What does your resume say about you?

What does your resume say about you?  Because it could be saying something you never intended.

Your resume is more than word on a piece of paper, it gives prospective employees a picture of who you really are.  This is important to your future employer as they are trying to visualise whether you will work well in their business.  Therefore the reason you may not have the job you want could be as simple as the resume is not telling the right story.

Training by Karen on how to Change Your Future

Training by Karen presents “Change your future” online course. This course was written for your the person who has been out of the workforce for awhile.  Because of this your resume may have huge blanks in it that need to be addressed.  This course has all the relevant information need so you can be confident about getting back into the workforce. We want to dive into your toolbag of skills in

Change Your Future