When you have no energy & you feel the life is being sucked out of you, you have no interest in exercising to improve your energy & Transform Your Body!

My Body Transformation...

The first thing that everyone thinks of when you say Transform Your Body is that you must lose weight.  However, when you have no energy it is hard to get motivated. So, the first thing I had to look at was why I had no energy? 

Since the 1950s food production quantity has had to increase and subsequently food quality and nutrition has decreased.  To have the same level of nutrition that we were getting in the 1950s we would have increase quantity significantly.

Cost of living has increased, and many can’t afford to eat fish and meat daily. This has resulted in a decrease in Omega 3 intake.  Takeaway foods are convenient and often cheaper than eating healthy. This quick and convenient lifestyle has resulted in poor nutritional levels. In fact a third of Australians over 65 are malnourished

So before I started exercising and losing weight and getting into shape I:

  • started to eat healthier
  • improved my inner health by taking the right nutritional supplements

Taking nutritional supplements helped me the ‘Transform Your Body’ process as I had the energy then to exercise. 

The difference between being frail and vibrant in your older years is Nutritional Supplements that Transform Your Body

Transform Your Body to be Active

Karen in 2015

I was lacking self confidence and following the crowd!

Karen in 2020

February 2020, stronger foundations, happier, playful, joyful and exuding confidence. It takes some introducing new daily habits to get there and believing you can!