transformation coaching
Core Challenge

Core Challenges

  • Disconnected from True Purpose
  • Feeling unappreciated, unacknowledged, and unsupported by those around you?
  • Lack community, feel like you don’t belong anywhere (maybe even in a toxic relationship/controlling)

Symptoms of Core Challenge

  • Lacking in self worth and feeling stuck. Constantly comparing and trying to measure up to others expectations. This translates into family, work and social environments
  • Unhealthy relationships with self and others. Listening to others and not making decisions for self. Say yes when you should say no. Maybe unhealthy habits (like binge eating or toxic relationships?)
  • Not believing what can be achieved, lacking in self worth. Always looking to others to compare yourself
Karen Howe Support
Karen Howe Support
Your Core Desire

Core Desire

  • To feel a sense of purpose and meaning¬†
  • Want to feel supported, appreciated, and valued
  • Sense of community, finding your tribe. Healthier relationships with self and others


  • Reconnect to Purpose with discovering who you are, and what you are here to do through consultation, book and program providing the process to find your way back to YOU
  • Strengthen foundations, better inner dialogue, and discover and recover own identity
  • Introduce self love and self worth through re discovering identity, and connecting to community of like-minded people and determine highest values
Vision Statement

To create a world in which every human feels accepted for who they truly are, and can stand in their own power.


Mission Statement

To inspire individuals to embrace their innate gifts and fulfill their true potential.