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Karen is a Human Transformation Coach that will make you feel right at home.  She will help you feel good about yourself and feel good about your own business.

Karen was looking for answers after feeling disconnected from the world, and clawed her way back to her pathway to purpose to be a Passionate Writer who inspires women experiencing identity crisis to discover their true identity and own it without influence, through books, workshops & speaking gigs that empower them to connect and live a life full of adventures.

She now invites others to find their “Pathway to Purpose”

Karen enJOY’s helping people align their gifts and skillset with the right Career Path by

  • Empowering people with confidence and tools. We dig deep into that toolbag to reclaim that life you are destined to live.
  • Moving from Victim/Survival to Empowered/Thriving
Karen Howe

Working with Karen

Circumstances don’t miraculously change unless we instigate the change.  We have a wide suite of online training courses done by Karen or by her team of subject matter experts. 

Karen has a son that has multiple disabilities but that has created lots of challenges at home.  However, Dylan has motivated Karen to create a new community for people with disAbilities… find out how you can become involved!

There are different areas in which you can undertake a personal transformation… check out the before and after photos of Karen’s journey

Where is your journey taking you?

What is your personal inspiration?  How do you want to inspire others? If you want to inspire others, talk to Karen today.

Karen the Human Transformation Coach 

What People Say about Karen


I have known Karen Ann for 20 years. When we met, we were work colleagues and Karen was recently single.

Karen as a single mum

I met her son shortly after meeting Karen and I was pleasantly surprised that Karen wasn’t a helpless single mother. My experience with single mothers in the past has been one of helpless people trying to get their life together. Karen took her son overseas in the early stages and I was surprised that she could do this, so independently so early in her new single life. She clearly thought, this is what we need, so let’s just do it!!

Karen as a confidante

She is and always has been a loyal friend. I can trust that she will do what she says she will do. We have worked together, most of our 20 years and I am confident that we have a good friendship and a good working relationship well into the future. One doesn’t effect the other, which is important to both of us I think.

Karen’s personality

Karen is always cheerful and if you need someone to cheer you up, she is the right person to go to. Her business mind is always on also. She can enjoy a glass of bubbles over lunch and talk about the business all at the same time. Karen’s plans are to write a book, something she has wanted to do for a long time and I am looking forward to reading it. I think it will be insightful into Karen because she is a sharer. She will be open and honest in her book, so warts and all, you will get to meet the real her.

She has a lot of challenges in her life, but most of the time people aren’t aware of them. That tells me she is fiercely independent still. Which is the women I met 20 years ago and will be women I will get old with in 40 years.

Karen Vercoe – Director, The HR People

I don’t think I have ever met anyone as passionate about making a change to people’s lives as Karen. And I meet a lot of people. Karen’s love of all things life is inspiring and so contagious. Her generosity and genuine love of connecting with people is so wonderful to be around. Karen has been a part of my community for some time now and I love that she lights up a room when she walks in. Whether Karen is talking about HR or her NuSkin business her knowledge is extensive and her services and products are second to none.
Suzi Manley – Entrepreneur, Five Foot Rope Business Connective

I have known Karen Howe both professionally and personally for many years. Karen Is trustworthy, professional and ethical in business. Personally, I value Karen’s bubbly, caring personality and sense of humour. I highly recommend Karen as a talented HR professional and a truly wonderful person.

Janelle Bartlett – Partner, Chan Naylor SEQ