Karen Howe

Hi there, my name is Karen Howe and I am a Human Transformation Coach, Writer, Speaker and Author.

As a child I was a sensitive soul, even as an adult I would get upset easily, very emotional.

My entry into the physical world was anointed by the words which are hard for a little girl to hear from her father: I was ugly. These words would be mentioned at every family gathering for the next 30 years.  Without love and connection from my family I felt very much the stranger in a strange land.

The first time truly experiencing deep love and connection was the birth of my beautiful baby boy in 89, I was just 26. 

Then aged 36, divorced from my husband who had gambled away our life savings, dreams shattered, and a single parent with nowhere to turn. I was ashamed and I was judged for leaving. Apart from my parents, no one knew my story or reason for leaving my marriage, as I never spoke about it. I hid this from the world and fought to survive amidst my sense of failure each day.

My experiences left me feeling I was not good enough, I was nothing special, I was unattractive, or I was too young, and being controlled by societies acceptance. My life was being controlled like a video game because I was constantly trying to seek the approval of everyone around me.

 What I thought was the way to impress my peers and gain the approval of everyone around me was killing me slowly. It was tearing me away from what true success was and what true happiness is. Being happy an odd sensation. A new beginning perhaps.

The conscious journey I took in 2018 began with a strong desire to know, to feel, to heal. Soon after this intention was declared, my “journey” took on a life of its own.

 You won’t always strive to ‘get better’, but instead will grow naturally. You are already perfect. And it is true. There is no destination, you are already there.

There is simply a journey to be enjoyed. Life is a journey, and it takes a hero to be on this journey. I now feel my skill set is aligned to serve others on this same path who are ready for change, to live a life full of joy and adventures.


19/2020 I wrote and published my book first book ‘Reclaim Your Life’ The journey from wounded inner child to free spirited woman.


Today I’m happily married, enjoy an adventurous life with my two sons, and am on a mission to support busy women to re-discover their true identity, step into their own power and live a life full of adventures.


To create a world in which every human feels accepted for who they truly are, and can stand in their own power.


To inspire individuals to embrace their innate gifts and fulfill their true potential.

I stand for:

  • Inspiration
  • Greatness
  • Ambition
  • Achievement
  • Fulfillment
  • Spirituality
  • Self-expression
  • Wisdom
  • Love
  • Hope

Qualities of my brand include:

  • Class
  • Modern
  • Style
  • Female
  • Power
  • Inspiration