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Have you ever wondered if you are on the right path? Have you yearned for a more fulfilling life?

Written by Karen HoweReclaim Your LifeThe journey from wounded inner child to free spirited woman will inspire you to find your true self, your voice, and get more out of your life.

In the pages of this book, you will:

  • Learn about the different parts of your life and why they matter
  • Aspire to be yourself, without influence from others
  • Find new levels of self-love and meaning through daily habits
This book will support you to explore your passion and inspiration so you can live a life full of joy, happiness and adventures.

After spending years seeking approval from others and feeling lost without her own identity. Karen discovered writing and her innate gift for inspiring others to step into their power.


wear your values tshirt

Proudly ‘Wear your Value’ and make a statement in the world! Values are so important to us humans we just don’t generally think to identify with them.

We’re hoping you will find something here to connect with, however, if you can’t find what resonates with you personally, let us know…

Great for team-building exercises, casual day in the workplace, family gatherings, charity causes, or just because you can!

If you are wanting to order more than (5) Tshirts get in touch via our contacts page, and we will get a quote to you!! Just name the Tshirt and numbers, timeframe for an event, and we will do the rest.

Wear Your Values T’Shirt-Be kind

Kindness is the biggest superpower one can have. It can change the world irreversibly, resolving the conflicts that drive us apart. And where does this kind of a change start? At you wearing this two-word statement, putting positive vibes out into the universe! 

Wear Your Values T’Shirt-Walk the path less travelled

Be bold. Be brave. Be an adventurer. The path less travelled might get you to a destination undiscovered. Embrace the curiosity for the mysterious and the quest for uniqueness with this shirt.

Wear Your Values T’Shirt-Taking radical responsibility

Wear this badge of honour and communicate your ability to take charge and responsibility, acting from a place of power and logic.

Wear Your Values T’Shirt- It is what it is

If you see things for what they are rather than how you would like them to be, this shirt is perfect for you! Let them all know that it is what it is, so they can accept it and move forward in life not overthinking. 

Wear Your Values T’Shirt-Lead with your heart

Showcase your belief in fair, ethical leadership by wearing this message that promotes leading with warmth, compassion, and love.

Wear Your Values T’Shirt-Embrace the unknown

Are you the kind of person who is curious about the mysteries of the unknown? Do you have a flair for adventure and excitement? If the answer is yes, this t-shirt is for you! 

Wear Your Values T’Shirt-Community

Having a sense of community is what gives us all a sense of belonging, do you agree? Wear this t-shirt, and let everyone know how awake, and open you are when it comes to being kind, and supportive of one another. 

Wear Your Values T’Shirt-Connection

Connections and relationships are what matter the most in life, don’t they? Wear this cute design to tell them how you value human connection as an essential element of your personal and professional life! 

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