Transformation that changed my life forever…

Going from Confusion to Clarity…

I am passionate to help people create a unique opportunity, following my own transformation that meant I had reviewed my life from scratch. I went into this massive transformation head on as I knew change was required to live a life of thriving. It was the difference of staying in fear or living in Joy. I knew I didn’t want to live a life where I was always scared to make decisions, and feeling uncertain. Constantly disregarding my uncomfortable feelings, or allowing someone else to control me and make decisions on my behalf with my uncertainty. When is enough, enough? The message came to me that it was right now, and you better be ready! Initially it was about healing myself, my past experiences the turning points I could recall. Now I have the capacity its about living a life where I can make a massive difference to the lives of others globally.If you haven’t read my book it is a great start to your own personal transformation. My journey started with studying personal development the most important qualification is ‘life’ itself which inspired me to write my book. You need to be okay before anything else! Its not negotiable.I packed as much information information as I could into this 149 page book including chapters such as;

1. The journey to self love

2. Inner fulfilment

3. Knowing there is more out there

4. Be yourself

5. Lost identity

6. Wearing a mask for the world

7. Surviving to thriving

8. Finding your joy

9. Standing in your own power

10. Create the life you desire

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