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Women have spent their lives fighting for their place in life, their basic human rights, to fit in society, to be noticed, to receive equal pay, to be strong, to exist, however the ability to love and be a nurturer didn’t fit the new mould of a woman in fact was far removed.

The energy around this was like a whirlwind calling up women around the globe to step-up, stand-up, and be counted. The issue was we lost ourselves in the process.

Hi let me introduce myself, I am, Karen Howe

I decided some time ago once I got comfortable with who I am, that whilst I acknowledge myself as a woman, a female, I was much more than that, they are just labels for society to identify me.

We have got lost along the way, lost identity, forgotten our truth. During this and other industrial changes we as a collective disrupted Mother Nature.

Our role in life was just to be ourselves was that too much to ask for, not lose ourselves, whilst trying to prove a point and make a stand. If we were to strip back the layers, take away the status, the cars, the job, the money, then what are we left with? a whole new beginning to discover who we truly are.

I started on my journey to reconnect to who I am, Karen Howe, by creating a life whereby I was strong, yet vulnerable, tender yet courageous and curious. I soon realised, I no longer needed approval.

I too got caught up in the whirlwind I forgot the truth, to realign with my values, beliefs, and intentions as a human, to serve humanity, to inspire others, to learn, to adapt to change, and not be defined by my gender or societies status. If I don’t need to prove anything, but just to be aligned with who I truly am, then my job is done. 

I am not a guru in this area, but I have spent much time, energy and money studying personal development across many topics, and varying aspects to life, which had brought about many unanswered questions I needed answering.

Now rather than trying to fit in, which meant I had to be a contortionist to fit with every opinion, judgement, and expectation of others. Constantly watching our backs, and who had our back? Wasn’t me at the time.

We have all heard of yin and yang. The balance in life responding to hot/cold, dark/light, love/hate, war/peace, male/female. 

Right now there is more male energy tipping the scales as part of the imbalance to Mother Nature. When we understand we affect everything around us with our thoughts and actions, it is no wonder Mother Earth is responding to us in a way we have responded for generations of being out of alignment.  She just mirrors the outcome of humanity and nature itself the purest form. 

An example when you start your day and nothing will go right think about the beginning of that day, did you even stop and listen to yourself, pay attention, and ask of yourself the type of day you would like? or did you just say here we go again, same shit different day, and operated on auto pilot and allowed the day to consume you?

I’m not going to say crisis (yin/yang) whether big or small will never happen, as guaranteed it will, they are our challenges to face, and grow if we choose to. The difference will be how we react or respond. We can either recognise it and hit it head if required for your next move, or bunker down and ignore it and hope it will go away, our choice.

The more we dodge it, the harder and longer it takes to overcome it. It will never go away, and sometimes shows up in a different form but either way it catches up with us eventually.

We have become a humanity of complainers, rather than fixers. Blame, rather than take responsibility. I back myself 100% as that’s my job. How can I expect someone else to do that, I need to own it. 

Just some thoughts for an ideal world. We stand for our rights passively, remembering why we are doing it, does it align with us? staying congruent (true to ourselves) remembering who we are, and is it our battle?

We pick our battles, and mind our own business, AND stay out of others. Whilst we get caught up in others business, what’s happening to ours? There is no one attending your business. You say you hate drama, or gossip well stop responding to it, and you will see it will stop.

Speak the truth, love unconditionally, be yourself, get reacquainted as you are flawless contrary to popular belief, and you will see and feel the energy shift.

Wake up everyday, and before you jump out of bed, practise your gratitude for anything, and everything. Make this a daily habit and watch the magic. If you don’t believe it, fake it til you make it. You are potentially living a fake life anyway. It can only get better with chance.

My book Reclaim Your Life speaks this, the truth, AND not for the feint hearted. It’s for those seeking change for the better, and is ready to hear and do, what we may not want to hear and do, for this amazing change to occur.  Take a chance in life. Believe and you will achieve.

Love and inspiration Karen X

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